KB2D · Laser Harp controller

Controller for Laser Harp, interactive and "Laserman" shows.

The Laser Harp controller KB2D is a detection system working as a MIDI controller. It enables to interact with laser beams without requiring any synchronization with the laser projector. It can be used with any scanning laser projector.
Thanks to the various modes available, it can be used for any type of interactive show, for Laser Harp or "Laserman" shows for instance.

Thanks to an exclusive and innovative technology (patent pending), it is the most versatile and compact interactive controller for lasers, with the highest performance available on the market. It offers in particular a height detection, a very accurate angular detection and is not sensitive to parasitic lights. This makes the KB2D the perfect interactive controller for live shows or in any other condition.

The user interface associated with the KB2D enables to customize any parameter and offers the possibility to add an external MIDI controller, like APC40 or a Footswitch, to improve the flexibility in live shows.

KB2D · Laser Harp controller, interactive shows and "Laserman"

Photo KB3D
Photo Mirror
» Continuous or discrete detection on 2 dimensions (1 angular dimension + height variation).
» Polyphonic detection (able to detect multiple positions / to play multiple notes at the same time).
» Refresh rate: up to 130 FPS.
» Detection based on "infinite beams" (back-scattering), easy installation.
» MIDI communication via USB / USB-powered.
» Insensitivity to ambient light.
» Compatibility with external MIDI controllers like APC40 or Foootswitches.
» High detection distance (up to 25m with a 3W projector).
» The KB2D can be used in complement of any laser projector and requires no synchronization. Interactions are possible with any kind of pattern projected.
» Easy handling. Simplified modes available.
» Highly configurable parameters (detection parameters, detection modes, MIDI messages sent).
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Options & Accessories

» KVANT option · Mirror 45° + Support (enables to fix the mirror on the KB2D controller, and to place the whole on KVANT laser projectors

» Dichroic filter green (by default) 510nm < 535nm · Free ·
» Dichroic filter blue < 470nm · Free ·
» Dichroic filter red > 625nm · Free ·

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