KB2D · Laser Harp controller

Controller for Laser Harp, laser tracking and laser theremin shows.

The Laser Harp controller KB2D is a detection system working as a MIDI controller. It enables to interact with laser beams without requiring any synchronization with the laser projector. It can be used with any scanning laser projector.
Thanks to the various modes available, it can be used for any type of interactive show, for Laser Harp or laser Theremin shows for instance.

The user interface associated with the KB2D enables to customize any parameter and offers the possibility to add an external MIDI controller, like APC40 or a Footswitch, to improve the flexibility in live shows.

KB2D · Laser Harp Controller, for tracking and laser theremin shows

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A versatile interactive MIDI Controller, with exclusive performances

Thanks to an innovative technology (patented), the KB2D is the most versatile and compact interactive controller on the market, in particular for Laser Harp applications. It has been awarded the 3rd place at the "International Laser Display Association Awards" in 2020. The KB2D implements in particular a height detection, a very accurate angular detection, and an insensitivity to parasitic lights, wich allows it for being used in almost any condition. The applications for the KB2D are very diversified. Even if its primary application is the Laser Harp, the possibilities are very broad.

  • » Professional Laser Harp
  • » Laser Theremin
  • » Laser tracking
  • » Interactive Laser animations
  • » Interactive games
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Works with any laser projector

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The KB2D Laser Harp controller is a detection system which works as a MIDI controller. Thanks to its unique technology (angular detection), it can interact with laser beams without needing any synchronization nor communication with the laser projector or its software. Thus it can be used with any laser projector with scanners. The KB2D can be placed at any position where it can detect the interaction.
Also, this exclusive property of the KB2D enables to interact with any laser pattern. It can be a classical beam fan, but also a line, or a circle for instance.

  • » Use it with the laser software and Laser projector of your choice
  • » Fast and Easy setup
  • » Interact with any laser pattern

Optimized for Laser Harp shows

The KB2D Laser Hap controller was designed in particular to be used on stage, to fit with the needs of live shows, like laser harp shows. The unique algorithms implemented on the KB2D allows for being very resistant to parasitic lights, coming from other lighting systems present on live stages. Various parameters are available to filter these parasits susceptible to perturbate Laser Harps, this is why the KB2D is extremely reliable compared to classical Laser Harps, working with synchronization with the laser.
Also, these algorithms enables all the functionnalities that any artist is dreaming about on this kind of systme: no latency, pitch modulation with height, polyphonic detection, external footswitch, presets...
As well, since the KB2D does not communicate with the laser projector, it is possible to use any model of laser projector, depending on the power and on the need for the show. The Laser equipment - cumbersome and expensive - can thus be rented or installed separately from the KB2D, enabling to optimize the cost and setup time.

  • » Negligible latency ( < 1ms)
  • » Resistive to parasitic lights
  • » Polyphonic detection
  • » Up to 16 simultaneous beams in Harp mode
  • » Pitch modulation with height
  • » Up to 128 Presets that you can customize
  • » An external MIDI controller can be connected (footswitch for instance)
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Easy and Quick setup

Thanks to the way the KB2D works, without communication or synchronization with the laser projector, the setup is easier. The KB2D Laser Harp controller can be plugged on a computer via USB. The controller is self-powered via USB and communicates with the MIDI standard via USB. Thus, it can be used and recognized by any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
The laser projector can be controlled separatly, using any method you want. It can be controlled from your software, from the same computer as the one with the laser harp interface, or an external control, via DMX or from another computer for instance. The control of the laser projector and the laser pattern projected is completely separated.
However, it is still possible de trigger laser presets that will be activated at the same time as the presets on the Laser harp, just by connecting a controller or a virtual MIDI port between both software.

Connexion KB2D
  • » Easy and quick installation
  • » Extremely compact system
  • » Self-powered via USB, MIDI via USB communication
  • » Works with any laser projector
  • » Do not need any synchronization
  • » Independant control of the laser projector with the software of your choice (or autonomous operation of the laser projector)
  • » Robust and reliable

An advanced software interface, open-source and ergonomic

  • » Open-source software, GPLv3.0 license
  • » Available on Windows and MacOS
  • » Regularly updated, taking on considerations the needs and demands of users
  • » Possibility to connect external MIDI controllers or footswitches
  • » 128 presets available, all can be mapped
  • » Multi-language (French, English)
Interface KB2D
Interface KB2D

Technical specifications of the MIDI Laser Harp controller KB2D

  • » Discrete or continuous detection on 2 dimensions (1 dimension for angles + 1 for height).
  • » Compatible with all laser projectors and all projected patterns, do not need any synchronization.
  • » Polyphonic detection (we can interact with multiple beams / play multiple notes at the same time).
  • » Pitch modulation with height.
  • » No latency ( < 1ms).
  • » 16 simultaneous beams in Laser Harp mode.
  • » "Infinite beams" detection (back-scatterring), easy setup.
  • » MIDI via USB standard communication / Self-powered via USB.
  • » Insensitive to ambient light and highly resistive to parasitic lights.
  • » Loading of presets and parameters with external MIDI controllers like an APC40 or a footswitch.
  • » High detection distance (up to 10m with a 3W Laser projector).
  • » Immediate ease of use. Simplified modes for quick start.
  • » Highly configurable parameters (detection parameters, modes and MIDI messages sent).

A professional package with all you need

Photo Package KB2D

Having an awesome laser harp controller is not enough. We propose you a full package to come with it, so you can have the best experience with your KB2D Laser Harp controller. A protective case, 45° reflective mirror, and all accessories you need. Also you will benefit from a full support, to accompany you on the realisation of your projects and needs with the KB2D.

  • » KB2D Laser Harp controller
  • » 45° mirror with its holder. (Compatible by default with all KVANT and UNITY Elite lasers)
  • » USB cables and accessories
  • » Quick Start Guide
  • » IP67 protective case with foam
  • » Efficient support service
· 880,00€ ·

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Options & Accessories

By default, the KB2D use a clear PMMA window. If you want to use specific wavelengths, Lightdiction proposes dichroic windows than can be placed instead of the clear one, to limit even more parasitic lights that may come from other sources.
The dichroic filter replaces the clear window in PMMA. If this option is chosen, only the corresponding range of wavelengths will be detected by the KB2D.

  • » Green dichroic filter 510 < 535nm · 49,00€ ·
  • » Blue dichroic filter < 470nm · 49,00€ ·
  • » Red dichroic filter > 625nm · 49,00€ ·

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