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Lightdiction is specialized in Laser Shows and Laser Harp shows, in the Paris area, in France and internationally

Exclusive and custom shows
HLaser Harp / Interactive shows
Live shows or synchronized on music
Atmospheric shows / 3D Laser projection
Logo projection / Graphics / Laser Mapping
Products and laser software
High end laser projectors
Laser Harps and exclusive interactive systems
Market leader laser software
Laser accessories and controllers

Our laser shows


Logos and laser graphics

Lasers are projected on a surface (canvas, water wall, solid wall) to obtain a graphic rendering. The laser projectors used enable to create complex graphics and logos.

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Laser mapping

The lasers are projected on a building or an object to obtain a graphic rendering and highlight the geometry of the surface with animated drawings.

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Image Atmosphérique

3D Laser shows

Combined with fog, lasers offer an exclusive 3D volumetric rendering. The lasers can be synchronized on the music or played on live.

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Laser archi

Architectural projection

The brightness of laser light enables to project beams outside over long distances. The lasers can be placed on buildings, to create layouts in a city.

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Laser Harp

Laser Harp shows

Lightdiction has developped a unique system to "play" with lasers. The Laser Harp is the most common application: the interruption of the laser "strings" creates sounds.

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